Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1. I'm actually really starting to enjoy/look forward to writing these posts every Wednesday. I like to think in general that my blog is me sharing my heart or fashion/life snippets with y'all...but these posts feel like we're grabbing coffee and talking about life + all the recent craziness.

2. Bastille's song Pompeii is everywhere, but I'm stumbled upon 'Things We Lost in the Fire' and am loving it. Newest wake-up + get-up-for-the-day song.

3. I know, I know I sound like a broken record but how is Easter this week? Um, hello, 2014 just started a few weeks ago. Someone needs to fix the calendar. 

3. Speaking of Easter, I'm ready to go home - we have a lovely long weekend off - and I'm looking forward to hugging my mum, sleeping, having girl time with my sisters, and watching Netflix. Since, you know, I clearly don't watch Netflix at college. Of course not. 

4. Easter is this Sunday which means Lent will be over WHICH MEANS I CAN WEAR MAKEUP AGAIN. And yes, caps were necessary. I'm planning to do a post about giving up makeup for Lent and what a good experience it was overall. I would highly recommend it as a Lenten penance if you even wear makeup a little bit.  I am first and foremost excited to celebrate Jesus's resurrection, of course...but being able to wear makeup is just below it. 

5. The weather is absolutely insane and is worse than a female PMS-ing because it can't decide between cold, rainy days in the 60s or warm, sunny days in the 80s. I just want spring...or consistency. 

6. I'm normally a dark raspberry or red type of girl when it comes to lipstick, but I cannot wait to try a bright, gorgeous, glossy pink lip ala Felicity from Arrow

7. This post about your femininity not being defined by body hair or lack of body hair…give it a read. So powerful and so true. 

8. I'm finally getting new glasses and I'm trying to decide between these from Warby Parker or these from BonLook. Either way, I love the dark tortoise frame color. Decisions, decisions. 

9. Ben Rector got it right - Life sucks sometimes. One of the downsides of blogging is that it can present the appearance of a perfect life or a blogger who is always positive and radiating smiles in pictures. Well, guess what? We all have sucky days where we hate the world, other people, and getting our picture taken. Sometimes I get frustrated with blogs that are like the glossy pages of a magazine: perfect, beautiful, posed. 

That is not this blog. That is not me. I have horrible hair days. I don't shower every day. I have dark under-eye circles. I'm late. I ate a cookie today. I'm grumpy because a project didn't pan out the way I hoped or because I constantly am running into PDA couples. So this is a blog where I occasionally talk about how life sucks or how I'm struggling with something. Because I want this blog to be real + raw + honest, and to show both sides of my life: the pretty, photogenic parts and the not-so-pretty, messy parts.

9. I shot a senior session with one of my dearest friends (one of the first girls I got to know my freshman year) and we went out to dinner afterwards for a very late celebration of our respective birthdays (Feb + March). Drinks included. Since the restaurant we chose didn't have those mango margaritas I'd been craving, I opted for a strawberry mimosa. Which tasted exactly like a strawberry limeade from Sonic. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

10. The picture above is of a Rocky Road latte on the rocks that I had in Dallas. Must. Remake. Asap.

What's your favorite makeup look to try this spring or latest wake-up morning motivation song? 

Also, I'm extending the blog giveaway through Thursday morning - I won't be posting Friday-Saturday as those are days of penance and prayer, so I'll announce the winner after Easter Sunday! So if you haven't entered, hop on over and leave a comment…if you're a coffee, chocolate + cookies fan. ;)


  1. I have been loving black winged liner and a creamy nude liner in my inner corner...oh, and pale pink lip gloss! Love the RLW posts!!

    1. I love a good black wing liner too, Violet - although I've never tried the nude liner in the inner corner...I'll have to give it a whirl. And thank you! <3

  2. Haha, as much as I am trying to make Easter about Jesus, I'm also super happy to check blogs again after 40 days without wasteful Internet! Happy Easter!

  3. I am loving your Real Life Wednesdays as well! =] (Also... I've been super excited about your giveaway, and there's a good possibility that I've been checking every day to see if you've announced that I am - I mean, that you've announced *who* the winner is)