Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apologies for the unusual absence - as I may have mentioned a while ago, I was sick for the entire week after spring break, and then was dealing with school craziness. While I'm editing those New York pics, here's what I've been up to lately…

1. My love for black is back, stronger than ever. I adored bright colors the past two years (and still do), so they made up the majority of my wardrobe. But there's something about black that is so mature and calm and sleek that I love. 

2. I changed my hair color yet again…if you know me in real life, I merely redyed it the color it's been for the past month (not red), as the reddish-brown was starting to show. Hopefully I'll be able to snap a decent picture soon. I do love how it looks currently. 

3. I spent this past weekend staffing Bear Awakening, a college-age Christian retreat that's putting on by Catholic students at different universities. There's Bearcat Awakening, Texas Awakening, Sooner Awakening, Tiger Awakening (Louisiana), etc. SO MUCH HOLY SPIRIT.  It was an amazing weekend of serving the retreaters and being reminded of God's beautiful love. I was blessed with the opportunity to give a talk on the Holy Spirit, and am officially hooked on giving talks about life/faith/Catholicism. 

4. Arrow.  I am officially hooked on the show that I'd seen floating around Netflix but always dismissed it scornfully. Ugh. Y'all. It's SO GOOD. Just go watch it. Best "superhero" show I've ever seen. 

5. This year so far has certainly been a year of growth + change…I've briefly mentioned some of that in posts about growing pains, but God has been good through all this bittersweetness of winter + the surplus of 'feelings.'


6. The Chet Baker jazz station on Pandora is my go-to for background studying music. It's soft enough that I'm not distracted by upbeat tempos and loud lyrics, but not so calm that I fall asleep. Loveeeeee. Ed Sheeran is another new favorite station that I can't get enough.

7. I'm turning into a grilled chicken + broccoli fiend. I eat it almost every day for lunch…maybe all those years as a flexitarian gave me a renewed appreciation for it??

8. My Inspiration board on Pinterest is my favorite one board to pin for…it's a collection of looks, images, and words that I want to make up the rest of this year. Currently: lots of black, thin gold rings, deep jewel colors, lilac hair, and hipster sweaters.

9. After watching "Let It Go" for the bajillionth time, I stumbled on Sherlock the Musical. I die.

10. Thinking about the future, internships + grad school. I'm technically already a junior, which means I'm halfway done with college. What is this madness? I swear I was 18 yesterday.

11. 51 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is just fabulous.

12. I can't stop thinking about scones…just all the scones. Really. Send them all.


  1. I love black, too. It's such a lovely, formal color. My friends joke that I'd make an extremely classy nun, considering the amount of black I wear... LOL. Hope you're feeling better! And Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal. So much love.
    Country Girl’s Daybook ~ Heaven is for Real film review (release date April 16)

    1. Iris, ahahah, I went through an enormous and lengthy black phase four years ago where the majority of my closet was black or dark colors! It's good to be back though. It really is such a lovely, chic color.

      And yes, Jennifer Lawrence should be everyone's spirit animal. Love her.

  2. Mmmm.... now I'm thinking about scones too.... particularly raspberry white chocolate... oh golly, the summer needs to come NOW! lol.

    1. Raspberry white chocolate ones are some of my favorites too! Mmm. Craving = back. ;)

  3. I will admit, the second photo had me grinning. I know exactly how that is. AH. Jennifer Lawrrnce too... official favorite actress atm. :) Blessings!