Real Life Wednesday: Crazy Edition

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1. This is going to be a sliiiightly more interesting RLW post than usual. I'm running on low sleep + in a "Whoooooooo"  mood. You've been warned.

2. Baby Lips by Maybelline has been on my lips 24/7 the past three days. My mouth decided to randomly and irritatingly become painfully chapped (maybe I'm chugging too much coffee and not enough water?). Anyways, this little blue tube has been a lifesaver.

3. I gave up makeup for Lent after reading Iris's post…and I miss it, y'all. Mostly in the little things like concealer, soft smoky eyeliner or bronzer. On the plus (negative?) side, my skin been surprisingly clear and even...I don't think I've gotten acne once and I even had a girlfriend tell me my skin looked good - after we'd just gone on a power walk. So...not sure how to react to that.

4. The spring food cravings have started: feta cheese in salads, smoothies, fresh crisp greens + vegetables from the farmer's market. And aaaaaall the iced coffee/lattes/anything. I love iced drinks all year round, but they scream 'pretty spring day of sunshine + breeze' to me.

5. I kind of want to dye my hair this color (I know it would work with my skin tone + I'd feel like a mermaid), but I like my current hair color.

Read: I'm terrified of bleach. Maybe in a few years.

6. I wrote a paper on the evolution of feminism, and am writing another on sexism in the workforce that's based on the lyrics of Beyonce's Run the World (Girls). I'm so excited.

7. My itch to create + make art is strong every day, deepening my sense of anticipation for the free time of weekends + summer.

8. I painted my nails at work the other day. At a desk. While wearing a skirt. I felt like there was a neon sign over my head flashing 'Stereotypical secretary.' See #6. How's that for ironic?

9. I created a rap playlist the other night while working in the library. When you're working on a paper past 2 a.m., you start to need music that's a tad more "upbeat" than One Direction or the Katy Perry station. A rap playlist. WHO AM I? 

(Disclaimer: by 'rap' I mean Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Black and Yellow, I Like Big Butts and I Can Not Lie, Starships, etc. Basucally most of the songs from the Evolution of Rap montage performed by the hilarious Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. It's worth watching til the end. Promise.)

10. The roommate and I are taking a spontaneous aka something planned road trip this week (we have a school holiday) and the excitement is REAL. I am a road trip fiend. Driving playlist time!

11. Also, this post about Bali has me craving mango margaritas. Doesn't that sound amazing??


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm writing my senior thesis on feminism too! It's so exciting, both the content and the occasion. Hope you have a great holy week!

  2. Great post, and small world: my high school classmate/friend started that no-makeup for Lent Facebook page!

    Have a very holy Holy Week!