Easter, Real + Raw (And Winner of the Giveaway!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I typed this tired and sleepily, with a full, happy heart.

Things weren't perfect about our Easter.  We didn't have an amazing, magazine-picturesque or enormous-family filled celebration planned. 

But it's okay just the way it was. 

I was back home with my family. I was ambushed by hugs after walking through the door. I laughed and watched Jimmy Fallon skit videos with my little sisters until midnight. I slept in. I went to the Good Friday service and pondered our Lord's undying love + sacrifice. Caught up with friends + laughed long. We closed down the local Starbucks and got free pastries. Spent the night at one of my best girls' house, stayed up far too late until five-thirty in the morning talking about God, His faithfulness during times of waiting + the love that He's picked out for us. 

Ate a glorious Southern breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits + strawberries. Had my hair done up hipster-style by my girl. Went thrift store shopping. Met up to study with my adopted big brother + one of the people dearest to me. Laughed + talked about God's plan with him. Napped on a couch (while trying to study). Enjoyed chocolate chip cookies + a virgin piña colada (yes, they do go together). Cuddled with my best friend and her dachshund. 

Came home to my family. Made a mango margarita (the real thing). Helped the little sister roll out fondant for the Easter Sunday cake. Took off my shoes. Sighed + breathed deep. Felt God's goodness and the sweetness of rest. Awed by His overwhelming love + gift of grace. 

Happy Resurrection of the Lord, friends - He is Risen! 


Also, the winner of the giveaway - chosen by a random drawing - is Grace Hincapie! Congratulations, Grace! Send me your address to raewyn83@gmail.com 

Thank you so much to everyone who entered...I wish I could send all of you cookies + coffee! You're the best readers a girl could ask for. I hope you're having a lovely week - I'll see you tomorrow with a Real Life Wednesday post!


  1. Happy, blessed Easter, dear sister mine!! ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you, sweet sister! I hope your Easter was/is blessed + joyful! <3

  2. Happy Easter! And congratulations, Grace! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Abbey! Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Your Easter sounds beautiful to me. Have a blessed Easter season!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa - it was very lovely. A very blessed Easter season to you too!

  5. Happy Easter; sounds like you had a wonderful few days!!!