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Saturday, April 5, 2014

I like my chai lattes bitter and strong with a touch of sweetness. Much like life is. 

I should love dogs because of their loyalty and warmth - but cats with their aloofness + serenity have my heart forever. 

Rainy nights are best.They come in the dark, quiet and pattering on the window, washing away the cares + weariness of the day with a gentle smile as they clean the earth while cleaning souls also. 

It's funny how one reverts back to their roots. Mexican food means comfort now, and love and home and familiarity and life. It's a hug to my soul, a bit of home, a tying-in of my current life to my old one. 

We all have our place where we go in our heads to be happy, to be calm, to find peace. Mine is a bank somewhere overlooking misty mountains, a sprawling valley, trees as far as the eyes can see, and air that is so free + sweet + pure it's like a shiver in my soul. 

There's something delightfully rebellious about wearing casual, lounging clothes after a week of dressing with thought + consideration. I am happiest when in yoga pants, a soft t-shirt, cardigan + slippers. 

As a friend put it, 'There are those surreal moments when all is right in the world and you feel like you're in a movie.' Yes. I've never been able to put my finger on what to call them exactly...but they are soul-stirring. 

Happy weekend, friends. I'll see you on Monday with the long-awaited New York post. 

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  1. Love that first one about the chai latte. ;) So true, too.