March Madness

Thursday, March 6, 2014

(All pics from my Pinterest)

Because it's now March (how did this happen?).

Because I'm finally through with midterms and spring break begins tomorrow.

Because the sun is shining bright and wind is blowing strong.

Because friends + hugs make the world go round.

Because there's war in my blood and love in my lungs.

Because I feel happy.

Because there's spring in the air.

Some lovely randomness for your almost-here-weekend.

My current mood. Freeeeeeedom from tests. Can't wipe the smile off my face! 

Did anyone watch the Oscars last weekend? I caught glimpses of Ellen hosting, Idina singing "Let It Go," and of course what is now the most famous picture in the world. So much star power. 

So excited to travel for spring break...
hint, it is actually somewhere I've been before but I couldn't wait to go back as soon as I left!

Where it's the words to a song that can't escape you,
 the right hair color, 
your passion, 
or the perfect pair of pink heels. 

Happy March! What are your spring break plans? 

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  1. Good morning, the Oscars were great this year! I was a personal fan of the photo bombing skills of Benedict Cumberbatch. :) I am a huge Sherlock fan. Have a great trip! ciao, Arwen

    1. Weren't they wonderful? I thought Ellen did a lovely job hosting...and yes! I saw his red carpet jump behind U2. It was fabulous and only made him even more amazing. And thank you for the travel wishes!

  2. Humph. I want to go on spring break adventures with you! The world is too big, Grace. Well, I'll be frolicking with you in spirit while I bundle up and wait for the sun to come out here. Love you! ♥♥♥

    1. I would love for you to come - especially since I'm heading up north! Sadly, it's your not your beautiful state but I really do need to make it up there for a visit. Especially now that I'd be visiting a family of three rather than two. Love you too, my dear!<3