Living the Moments in Between Stories

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is something a bit different than my usual posts, but it is completely raw even in the writing of it. Above everything, it is my attempt to honestly to put in to words what I've been feeling lately - what is so hard to describe...what we can only sense deep inside us.

i want to go out and search for the moments in between the sunlight. the hidden, silent moments in between the stories that make up life. my life.

i'm hungry for them, these hidden, secret moments - like the invisible dust dancing on sunbeams, like the tiny breaths of wind curling round a golden leaf. 

the richness and rawness of eyes in sunlight, of hair lifting in breeze + swirling, flying. free + wild.

wild + free. 

i want to go explore and climb and breathe and run and seek and gaze and feel the wildness of being alive. 

to hold hands tightly, to hug and never let go, to stand on the edge of a hill and feel strong and free.

i want to drink in the sunlight and let it soak into me, into my smile, into my bones - because sunlight brings peace and warmth and happiness.

 there's something irrevocably beautiful about being lost in the rays of light and cool, calm air of the day...of hiding a smile behind hair swirling in the wind, of blunt edged bangs, a face free of makeup, eyes that are natural, sweaters that hang loose, and long skirts that flow past legs and kiss the ground as you step.

it's a wild freedom, a blissful escape, a quiet rebellion - a self quintessence.

it's tumultuous, serene, and invigorating all at the same time and life never tasted so sweet. 

so warm + golden.

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it's a story within a story, looking deeper and wider within ourselves for the moments in between our stories - the flashes of golden beauty and wild joy that we stumble upon or find like a tiny breeze on a balmy day.

i want to find those every day. i want to find the sun and live in the moments - those are the important ones.

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