Swirls of Burgandy

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy holidays! I disappeared into the fog that is known as finals and finally resurfaced earlier this week. So I'm typing this from home and enjoying my Christmas break despite its late start. I've slept in, nibbled on cookies, started my Christmas shopping, and have even watched a few episodes of Psych. Shawn + Gus = classic comedy forever. 

And for the first time in what feels like months, I have an outfit post to share with you! Being back home means I'm able to utilize my younger sister's photography skills...I appreciate her all the more for graciously stepping behind the camera. Self portraits - especially outfit ones - can be so tricky. 

Today was all about swirls! I loved this outfit because it was stylish and low-key while ridiculously comfortable. This has become my main fallback outfit when I don't want to put too much effort into getting dressed, but don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed either. 

Enter:the long swingy skirt, which I started wearing as a strapless dress this semester. I add a camisole underneath, throw a loose cardigan over it, and add a necklace or scarf for fun. It takes five minutes to pull together and the possibilities are endless with mixing + matching. 

I also love wearing skirts as dresses because they're loose and swirl so well!

Outfit details: 
skirt/Ire (thrifted)
infinity scarf/Patton's

I love pairing navy with neutrals and then adding bright accent colors for a pop, like this mustard shoulder sling purse and the burgundy scarf. 

Side note - this scarf is actually the little sister's, but like most things of hers, it ends up sneaking into my outfits. She has great style, so I enjoy getting to borrow pieces from her closet. She's a good sport about it.

Below: my photography assistants for the day...lovely and graceful as always. The one in the back is the true owner of the scarf and as well as the photographer for this shoot. 

Ah, siblings. Have to love them, craziness and all. 

What are you wearing right now? Is it cold and snowy where you are or somewhat warm? 


  1. It's freezing here, so really hard to wear a skirt in this weather. :( But you look lovely! Congratulations on surviving exams. :)

    1. I feel your pain, Grace - it was very cold at school, so I was constantly layering tights with skirts. Or just wearing pants! And thank you, dear!

  2. Wearing sweats and a sweater right now! Cold and rainy out here the past few days :P

  3. It's in the 70's here. It's crazy!!! I am glad you have resurfaced AND you share my love for psych. :)

  4. You are so cute :)

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