Guy Style

Sunday, December 22, 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, there haven't been many outfit posts on here lately, and there's been an even greater scarcity of guy I thought I'd share some shots I snapped of one of the stylish guys I know on campus. 

Meet Jorge. 

I think having good style, even if you're a guy (especially if you're a guy), is very important. So many people mistakenly think dressing up as a guy involves wearing full suits and similar formal wear. But Jorge is a great example of how you can be stylish while still retaining a casual, laid-back air. He looks sharp, but not over the top; casual, yet classy. Always good combinations! Appropriately enough for today, I took these pictures on a Sunday a few weeks ago, after we'd gotten back from Mass and lunch. 

I think my favorite part of his outfit was his tortoise glasses from Warby Parker. I love, love their frames (and am even considering getting a pair myself). They definitely add a nice edge of sophistication as well as a touch of quirkiness, which if you know Jorge, suits him well. Another plus I'm fond of is that nice glasses instantly dress up your look, no matter how casual you're dressed. 

  Do you know any guys with great style? Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

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