Girl + Boy: A Story Old as Time

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's an age-old sight...a universal truth...found in any country, city, or continent, no matter what the language, skin color, age, or religion is.

A girl and a boy.

I glance up at them from over my laptop periodically, a smile stretching across my mouth of its own accord. Despite the fact that I should be studying or editing pictures (the reason I went seeking the coffeeshop's warmth + rich scents on this chilly December day), I find myself itching to capture this moment.

He is gesturing and talking animatedly, a blond boy of the youthful, skater-type, confident with just a touch of cockiness and an air of 'I-can-take-on-the-world.' He has plenty to say.

She is dark-haired and curled up on the end of the couch, gazing at him while he pantomimes and articulates - gazing with eyes that look at him and only him. She moves her foot rhythmically, and one senses that there is nowhere else she would rather be. She is content to listen + smile.

Occasionally, his voice rises dramatically to punctuate his words with importance and she bursts into a smile that lights up her entire face.

She listens to this boy she loves - listens as he pours out, as he talks through his confusion, as he  recounts his life as of late.

She listens, laughs, and pipes in. But never does that look leave her face which reveals that nothing in the world is as important right now as him, as this moment, as their conversation on the couch in a coffeeshop on a cold day.

Girl +'s a story as old as time.

And one, I think to myself as I type this, that will go on until the end of time. 


  1. *heart fuzzes*!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It was especially sweet watching her!

  3. :) Now that's the very reason why I watch people when I'm out and about--I love catching glimpses of true stories like this.

    1. Exactly! It's one of my favorite parts of being a writer because then I can capture their story as I see it. :)

  4. Replies
    1. You're welcome - thank you for reading!

  5. Aww.. So precious. Its the little things in life that are most beautiful.

    1. Kristen - I agree 100%. I love treasuring the little things!