For the Love of a Soul

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm joining the lovely Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for "Tuesdays Unwrapped" - a simple reminder to slow down + notice the beauty of Advent...of unwrapping this season before Christmas.

Sometimes, I think about the future. 

I think of the world and all the pettiness and vanity and lies and lust and anger and cursing...and it makes me tired. 

It makes me long for another world. One where goodness is present and clear, friendship is strong and lasting through the years, where you can completely trust the person standing next to you, and where your beauty is not defined value. 

And then I remember. All those things can be found in this world. They may be perfect in the next, but that does not mean they are not here too. After all, "a light can be found even in the darkest of times...if one only remembers to turn it on."

Sometimes the world hurts. Sometimes we are reminded of the stain and ache that comes from being human, from falling, from failing. Or sometimes we feel it from others. 

Sometimes I feel that there is too much bitterness and jadedness. Too much value of physical beauty - too few who actually will stop to see and recognize the true beauty of a soul, rather than a body. 

It makes me tired, and when I am tired in my soul, I do not reach for make-up or bright, stylish clothes. I reach for soft, flowing clothes that emphasize me, rather than my curves. 

I stand there, no make-up, no hairstyle, no high heels, or purse. It is just me, with my hair tumbling down my shoulders, and completely natural. 

Not because of how high my cheekbones are or aren't, how round my lips are or aren't, how large my eyes are or aren't, how how thin my wrists are or aren't, or how tiny my waist is or isn't.


 I am beautiful because I am here - here as me. A girl who laughs. Who dreams. Who loves. Who lives. 

That is why I am beautiful. Because of my soul. 

Because a beautiful body means nothing without a beautiful soul. And a beautiful soul can make a non-conventionally attractive person absolutely beautiful. 

It takes a special person to realize and recognize that - to love someone not simply because of his or her appearance, but because of his or her soul.  

That is what I want - what I hope for. What I know I will find. There is something to be said for looks and a handsome man...but that means nothing to me if he is not gentle and good and honorable and compassionate. I know there are such people out there. I have met them. And I will meet him one day. When I do, I will love my man for his soul, not for his looks.


And if he is the one, he will feel the same towards me. 

And that - that is enough for me. It pushes back the bitterness and messiness and hurt of the world...because I don't have to wait for another world to find such a person.

He's here in this one. 


  1. Hey Grace! It was great to connect with you through Tuesdays Unwrapped!

    Girl. I feel your heart in this post. I recognize that longing for a soul mate. Everyone says marriage is hard, and it truly is, but it is also such a gift. I'd like to give you words of encouragement, but I hesitate to use the common cliches such as "it will happen when you least expect is," "just focus on the Lord/being you/your goals," etc. The wait is hard, but so, so worth it. :)

    Also, I stalked your blog a little bit and I LOVE your photos! You've got a great eye! I bought a "fancy" camera a few years ago when my first son was born and I've been enjoying learning the ins and outs of photography.

  2. This. Post. I loved it. <3 Really helped give me hope for the future. God is good! :)

    1. Aw, Grace, you are so sweet, girl. So glad you enjoyed it. I wrote it on a very loooong day when I needed some hope too. :)

  3. This made my day. :) God bless you girl!

    ♥ aspirer

    1. Your comment made MY day. :) God bless you too, girlie!

  4. that is so beautiful! thank you!
    god bless

    1. You are so welcome, Hannah! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love this! "I am beautiful because I am here - here as me."

    Thank you :)

  6. This is gorgeous and brave and so right.

    1. Thank you, Caroline - your words mean so much. <3

  7. Just to give you a man's perspective, we feel this emotion as well. Wanting to have someone to protect, look after, and hold on to while experiencing the warmth and joy of the holidays. You just have to remember to stay strong and that it takes the very difficult moments to truly appreciate how happy we are whenever we find someone. Hang in there and you'll find someone!