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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello, lovelies - hope your week went well. I'm hunkered down and trying to battle off a cold at moment with vitamin c, hot tea, and orange juice.

As I'm a bit under the weather, I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts from around the blog world this week. I love blogs and reading them, especially ones that add a bit of special beauty to the weekend. So today, I hope you have time to breathe and rest...so make yourself a cup of tea and settle down for some reading.

November grace + goals from Jessi...such a great idea.

Brenda's sharing some fall snippets from her life  this week - including books + tea.

How to make 40 outfits from 12 classic wardrobe pieces.

Loving this Fontina and White Cheddar with Bacon Macaroni...mmm. Perfect dinner for cold nights.

Are you a shoes with socks girl? Have you ever pulled it off?  I haven't tried this yet!

These coffee cozys are too cute. Love.

Alex's beautiful fall style as always brings happiness to my fashion + fall-loving heart.

How to make a Thanksgiving Tree of Thanks. 

Austin Style - I had the opportunity to road trip to Austin with my fabulous Caitlin for a fashion shoot. She styled several looks which I photographed, including what she wore. That girl knows how to wear a mean scarf!

Why sometimes it is good to be silent and secret about the heart. 

Have a lovely weekend, friends. 
May it be full of glorious sunlight, cups of hot tea, and peace. 

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