Wednesday Things

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Tuesday, but somehow it feels like it's already been a full week. Or perhaps every day is extra long when you're sick.

(Edited -- It's 8:41 p.m. and I just realized it's actually Wednesday, not Tuesday....I really am out of it.)

Either way, over here I'm...

wearing a huge scarf every day. Y'all, it's cold. And while this is what I wished for, it's no bueno when you're sick.

drinking tons of vitamin C and hot tea with lemon

getting excited for Thanksgiving break (mostly at the chance to sleep for 10 hours straight)

talking about the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who that premiers on the 23th. Matt Smith and David Tennant on the same screen as the same person? Yes, please. My heart is also breaking slowly at the realization that Matt's time as the 11th Doctor is coming to a close. Cue waterworks.

loving every second of Thor 2 that I saw with friends last weekend. UGH. So good. Loki was by far the best character. Tom Hiddleston did a fantastic job (is that any surprise?) and merely re-cemented his status as the smoothest villain.

prepping for the spring and all of the new challenges that will come with that.

eating all kinds of soup. Soup is so wonderful.

looking forward to the last football game of the season, which promises to be amazing.

 I'll probably lose my voice from screaming. And I'm not a football fan, really. Something about nighttime games in the cold and cheering on with friends makes it a wonderful experience though. 

and laughing over this extremely accurate meme.

Ain't that the truth, though? 


  1. Super thrilled to see Tennant again... <3 *dies slow death of consecutive swoons*

  2. Each day is DEFINITELY extra long when you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. And HOW! Goodness, I feel like I've run a marathon every night when I get back to my room...thank you, love!

  3. Just hang in there...if your schedule's anything like mine it's just one more month! We can make we can sleep again and get healthy. :)