One of Those Days

Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh, Monday.

I was and am not mentally, emotionally, physically, and sleep-wise ready for you.

It really hasn't been that horrible of a day, but at the same time I kind of want to kick someone. Hard. And then crawl under my covers with a good book, take a nap, and ignore the world for two weeks.

It's one of those days where the phone won't stop ringing at work, you're not that crazy about the outfit you're wearing but have no time to change, the hours stretch on agonizingly, the homework + to-do list is piling high, and to top everything off, it's warm outside. 


It's of those days.


  1. *hugs* I wish I could steal you away for the evening to make pumpkin bread and drink tea and eat chocolate and watch a fun movie full of laughter and dancing. ♥♥♥

  2. Hang in there, Grace! I had a similar day yesterday and only after squeazing 5 minutes of quiet meditation I could get back to my routine. But Clare's suggestion is pretty fun! x