A Very Happy November to You

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy November!

The week is finally over - as is October! - and I made it to the weekend.


To say I'm tired is a bit of an understatement.

A lot happened in the past few weeks...

I blogged every day for 31 days.
Shot three photography sessions.
Took and wrote more tests and papers than I want to count.
Went to two concerts.
Was visited by my family.
Road tripped to a Japanese Garden and wrote about it for school.
Finally started catching up on Once Upon a Time. 
Worked and worked some more.
Saw Legally Blonde the musical.
Managed to get some sleep.
Had my first pumpkin latte.
Made a video for a local non-profit art organization.
Dressed up as Peter Pan + then Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

I really do feel like October flew by! September seemed to drag on and on, but October was over in a few blinks. And now it's November!

Craziness. Life is speeding up and I'm trying to adjust...so thankful for Advent, which is about to start and will hopefully remind me to slow down in anticipation of Christmas. I'm still trying to hold off on the Christmas carols so I'm not sick of them by the time that December actually rolls around. I definitely try to be one of those people who adheres to "No Christmas music until Thanksgiving" rule.

November promises to be very full with papers, photo sessions, classes, work, and gearing up for the home stretch of the semester. But of course, I plan to soak up the fall sunshine, sweater-wearing weather, and other autumn joys.

October is my favorite fall month, I think, because it's contemplative + life-giving, but November has a special excitement and quickness of its own. So I'm welcoming it with open arms.

Happy November, friends. Here's to it being a lovely one. 

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