Hanging On to Summer

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy weekend, friends - I'm off again on another retreat, this time as a staffer for my church's new student retreat. I'm a table leader and so looking forward to meeting the retreaters, building relationships with them, sharing our walks of faith, and pouring out the grace God has showered me with. May your weekend be as sweet, sun-filled, and refreshing.

summer is still here.

she's not left, but is lingering with her warm, golden smile. like the friend to whom you say goodbye and then continue talking to for three more hours. summer's magic hours are deep and long and warm and golden green. she stays golden, just for us, and spreads the folds of her sunny skirt out, just for us. ever-present and soul-stilling sweet.

she knows we're not quite ready for her younger brother fall, who is so energetic and vivid.

 she knows we are still clinging to the sweetness of the sun and golden hours and walks beneath the trees, and memories of friends and families...

we're clinging to the carefree breath of youth and impetuous breezes. the memories of our time with her. the magical moments where the entire world was made of light and laughter.

she helps us be young, reminds us to play, and slows our steps. she shows us the breaths in between the hours, the whisper of our souls beneath the bright, dazzling blue sky, the itch in our fingers on hot, blazing day to do something wonderful and spontaneous.

so she lingers. to remind us to laugh and breath in the sun and sky, and run wild and live long.

 to drink in the warm, life-giving rays of the sun. to remember our summer.

click here for sweet ideas to seize the last of summer. 


  1. You are such a beautiful photographer. You know exactly what moments to catch and how. :) I love just flipping through your posts and looking at the pictures.

  2. Thank you, Alexandra! I'm so glad you enjoy the pictures...I love photographing things and sharing these little moments of beauty. God bless!